My Thoughts On”How to Solve a Murder”

It was a pleasure to read “How to Solve a Murder” by The Guardian. It is easy to navigate, but it is also not dull. The cross platform format definitely enhances the story because it illustrates the different steps of solving a case. The story is first introduced with a real voice recording, which creates a mysterious impression that just leaves readers at the edge of their seats. Adding on, every step are in separate tabs. Going on different pages creates a sense of adventure, rather than just scrolling down a page alone.  I find that really fascinating because there are so many visuals that are captivating and not too gruesome. I like the fact that a lot of the pictures on each page are illustrations because I would have been terrified to see a blood scene in real photos. Furthermore, I did not find the format distracting at all. I was actually more engaged into the story because the content is so interesting and easy to read. It is educational, yet entertaining.The language is not complex and because it is based on true events, it makes the story more suspenseful.  This is one of my favourite stories of this course because of the simplicity of the layout and the language. It is indeed simple, but it is also eye catching and not distracting at the same time. As a digital story, this work is a great result of a combination of branded content and storytelling. It educates people about the work of policemen, but also advertises the Amazon’s TV show, Bosch (Guardian, The. “How to Solve a Murder).

Citation: “How to solve a murder.” The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, Web. 26 Mar. 2017.

How to Solve a Murder