“For You I Will” VS. “Siwash Rock”

As I read the short story written by E. Pauline Johnson (which is based on the oral stories by Chief Joe Capilano), it reminded me of the song, “For You I will” by Monica.

The song is about someone being capable of doing anything and everything they can for the person they love. Similarly, the father in the legend did not let anyone stand in his way of becoming the best father he could be. No matter the consequences or the challenges that came, the father was willing to risk everything so his child would a chance to have a clean and healthy life (Johnson, P. “The Siwash Rock”).

Citation: Monica. “For You I Will.” Space Jam, 1996.

The chorus alone can be read as a message from the father to his expected child. The song symbolizes the beginning of his unconditional love. He was so determined to be completely cleansed that nothing was going to stop him, even the men of the Sagalie Tyee.  When the Sagalie Tyee told the man to move out of their way, he refused to listen. Even when began to threaten him to transform him into a fish, tree, or stone, he still did not care. He wanted the perfect life for his child, and he was willing to face every challenge in order to succeed (Johnson, P., “The Siwash Rock”). The song suggests that sacrifice is worth the hard work for the people you love. Therefore, I believe that the song reflects the story perfectly.

Citation:  Johnson, E. Pauline. “LEGENDS of VANCOUVER.” Legends of Vancouver. Web. 26 Mar. 2017.

Siwash Rock

For You I Will by Monica