Prying into “Pry”

Pry is a touchscreen fiction created by Tender Claws. This interactive fiction is uniquely shown in a first-person perspective. What is interesting about this app is that the reader is literally placed in the protagonist, James,’ eyes. Unlike usual stories, this touchscreen app enables the audience to actually experience a character’s thoughts and feelings. It is difficult to relate to a veteran’s experience after a war. However, with a usage of various elements, such as the text appearing and the touch motions, the audience can see what James feels and thinks after the Gulf War.

The usage of rapidly flashing texts and images were super annoying and frustrating. I tried to make sense of what was being said, but the flashes gave me a headache. I believe that this is what Tender Claws was trying to portray. The pain of the flashing text and images that I was experiencing reflects the same confusion and frustration that James feels.

Although the interaction of the app gets readers to engage with the story in a unique way, I feel that the interaction distracts the reader from what is happening. At times, I was more focused on ways different touch motions were being used, rather than observing the relationship between the interactivity and the story. I did not realize what those functions were actually doing until I finished watching the playthrough.

Overall, it was a clever experience to see a story in the protagonist’s perspective. This app illustrates a unique way to literally pry into a character’s story.

Citation: Cannizzaro, Danny and Samantha Gorman. “Pry.” Tender Claws, 2014. Web. 25 Mar. 2017.

Pry Playthrough